DUI Defense Attorneys in Marysville, Ohio

Our lawyers fight for the best possible results. Because success is important to us, we only take cases in which we are fully equipped to handle. We generally limit our representation to matters involving criminal or drunk driving defense, family law, and personal injury.

In Ohio driving under the influence (DUI) is charged as OVI “operating a vehicle under the influence” instead of “DUI” in other states. The required minimum penalties on a low test first offense OVI conviction in Ohio are three days in jail, unless the judge grants unlimited driving privileges with an ignition interlock device, and any ordered jail time is suspended, a $375.00 fine, and a one-year license suspension. OVI convictions are not expungeable in Ohio.

In addition to potential fines, license restrictions, and jail time, many of our clients have faced significant potential collateral consequences due to a possible OVI conviction. These include concerns with background screening pre and post-employment, limitations in driving due to license suspensions, commercial drivers’ license revocation, professional licensing reporting and renewal, and restrictions on travel to other countries.

Robert is in charge of Beck Peistrup’s DUI defense practice. Robert has successfully represented thousands of clients accused of OVI/DUI offenses.

To improve his skills in OVI/DUI defense, Robert attended a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration training and received certification to administer field sobriety testing. The same training law enforcement is required to complete.

Robert’s skill in OVI/DUI defense has been recognized by his peers and is frequently invited to speak at OVI/DUI seminars instructing other lawyers.

The types of OVI/DUI cases we handle: