Criminal Defense

Our lawyers fight for the best possible results.  Because success is important to us, we only take cases in which we are fully equipped to handle.  We generally limit our representation to matters involving criminal or drunk driving defense, family law, and personal injury.  Our experience in criminal law enhances our ability to successfully defend our clients. Our experience includes:

The types of criminal cases we have defended include:

  • Homicides, including Death Penalty Murder, Involuntary Manslaughter, [Reckless Homicide, Negligent Homicide, Aggravated Vehicular Homicide, and Vehicular Homicide].
  • Drug offenses, including Aggravated Trafficking, Trafficking in Drugs, Drug Possession, and Drug Abuse.
  • Assault cases, including Felonious Assault, Aggravated Assault, Assault, Aggravated Menacing, Menacing, and Domestic Violence.
  • Sex offenses, including Rape, Attempted Rape, Sexual Battery, Gross Sexual Imposition, Sexual  Imposition, Importuning, and Voyeurism.
  • Weapon charges, including Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Weapons Under Disability, Improper Transportation of a Firearm, and related offenses in both State and Federal Court.
  • Property and theft offenses, including Aggravated Burglary, Burglary, Breaking and Entering, Criminal Trespass, Aggravated Robbery, Robbery, Fraud, and Theft.
  • Drunk driving, commonly referred to as DUI, and which in Ohio is referred to as OVI.
  • Traffic offenses, including Speeding, Driving Under Suspension, twelve-point suspensions and related offenses.